Writing Wednesdays


A comma cannot sufficiently join two complete sentences, instead, use one of the three techniques below. 
-a period and a capital letter
-a semicolon
-a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, for, nor, or, but, yet, so)


At the end of a sentence, use an ellipsis AND the ending punctuation.
At that moment, she realized, she had no clue....
Do you care at all...?

Use an ellipsis to show a pause in thought.
I’m wondering … how will you announce the changes in lab procedures?
Her PI agreed … with a few suggestions.



Cut wordy phrases such as “due to the fact that” and “on account of” to limit your word count and make sentences easier to read.
Several safety procedures were violated by the lab - WORDY
The lab violated several safety procedures - CONCISE