Speaker & Panelist Services

As students and young professionals are dealing with the ups and downs of STEM, the most transformative and invaluable experiences are often encounters with those who once faced the same challenges.

We offer speaker services by phenomenal speakers with experience discussing diverse topics related to STEM with various audiences.  They offer an unique blend of facts, wit, and honesty while being relatable and inspiring. Services can be delivered in a traditional formal setting, our "coffee chat" format for smaller groups, or as a panelist. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Surviving and thriving in graduate school and beyond.
Graduate school is 90% politics and 10% science, help your students learn how to not only survive, but thrive in their STEM program.

The balancing act: early career and life vision.
As many professionals can attest to, career paths are very rarely linear. Our team member will talk about their career path and all of the unimagined twists and turns along the way, sharing the valuable lessons they learned as they transitioned from student to professional. 

Transferable skill building and recognition workshop.
Scientists acquire a unique set of niche skills, however we need transferable skills if we are to be successful at the bench, in the classroom, or boardroom.

Convocation, career day, and graduation ceremonies.